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Cloud as a Service

Although I’m no fan of anything/everything as a service (XaaS), mainly due the fact that it has been overused by marketing teams to define whatever they are trying to promote as-a-service. The original three as-a-service definition Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS) and Infrastructure (IaaS) provide a clearer understanding of what most …

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The Public Cloud

What is it? The public cloud is IaaS and PaaS provided by a managed service provider. The two largest are Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, however their are literally thousands of smaller offerings available, from pretty much every vendor on the planet. Why use a public Cloud? With any business …

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Cloud Computing Overview

What is it? Marketing at its best. The term ‘Cloud’ has been used for years to represent any black box service that you as an individual did not want, or need to know. For example in network diagrams your service provider or the Internet has always been denoted as a …

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